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SealCoating Services

​All pavement, regardless of location, is vulnerable to damage from water, weather, and normal wear and tear, which can shorten its lifespan. Sealcoating your parking lot can significantly extend its life and reduce long-term maintenance needs. At Professional Paving LLC, our nationwide team of sealcoating experts is dedicated to safeguarding your pavement from the elements and daily use.

​What is the Lifespan of SealCoating?

Applying a fresh coat of Sealcoat can protect a paved surface for up to three years, with the duration varying based on the condition of the pavement at the time of application. Generally, Sealcoating lasts longer when applied to freshly paved surfaces

​When is the Best Time to SealCoat?

Sealcoating is most effective when applied during periods when both surface and air temperatures consistently reach 50°F or higher for at least 24 hours. Therefore, the ideal seasons for sealcoating paved surfaces are late spring, summer, and early autumn.

For instance, in the Chicagoland area, the paving season typically concludes by mid-November. In warmer regions like Florida or California, sealcoating can extend into the winter months.

If you're reading this during the spring or summer, we recommend conducting a post-winter assessment to identify areas needing attention on your pavement. Contact Professional Paving LLC for a consultation.

With nationwide offices, Professional Paving LLC understands the best times to sealcoat pavements across the country, year-round.

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